Rear Shock Prolink Lubing/Wear

Learned Collective…

The old girl passed the MOT today (hurrah!). There was an advisory note though. There is a bit of play in the lower prolink attachments.

Is a relube likely to make any difference? I personally doubt it.

So, are said linkages repairable with new bushes, or is it the start of a fruitless quest to find new ones?

Thanks for your help.

The bearings and seals required can be sourced from your local bearing supplier,they are standard items

I doubt that this can be felt if the system is under tension. The question is, what are you willing to invest.

My advice would be: leave it as it is or do “everything”. New rear suspension, new (bearings)/sealing of the “bone” (only two connections have needle bearings) if really needed. And change the one side of swingarm bearings. where the 2 ball bearings are, as they ar not sealed and mine were rusty.

I didn’t change the needle bearings, only cleaned them and put new grease and sealings. Just exchanged the ball bearings of the swing arm and put in new YSS shock absorber.