Rear Shock Upgrade

I have found interesting rear shock used, seems to be in pretty good nick. I was wondering your opinion before I purchase it. Looks very similar to Showa shock.

Made by WP Suspension for the F/F2 Vf1000F

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WP made good stuff in my opinion. Do a little research maybe and make sure it can still be rebuilt if needed in the future. Pretty sure it can.

Good make,I have one on my 500,had it rebuilt before fitting at a cost of £100.
The guy I used does a lot of moto x suspension and is familiar with WP units

Well I bought this unit, when it comes I will snap some pictures of the installation on my F2.

I also have noticed there is a procedure for F2 shock oil change which I will attempt later.

The shock arrived today.

IMG_20200428_161917 (Large) !

I had to trim the top mount as it was to wide to fit the F2 frame.
IMG_20200428_161930 (Large)

Shock dampening adjustment

IMG_20200428_161941 (Large)

Side by side comparison with the old shock. The WP is shorter but it can be adjusted obviously.

IMG_20200428_165051 (Large)

Dropped in on initial setting, the bike was sitting to low.

IMG_20200428_171146 (Large)
IMG_20200428_180427 (Large)

After first adjustment, I believe that I need to go higher to get that stock ride height I like.

IMG_20200428_195023 (Large) IMG_20200428_195029 (Large)

I took a short ride and the difference is night and day. The bike no longer floats around on high speed corners.

Thank you for advice! Worth every penny!

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Hi, do you have a color code for the colors on your bike? Mine is exactly the same colors but cant seem to place the right color at the moment, i would need the red and the frame silver…



I do not have the paint codes Steven. There is thread somewhere on the forums about frame paint code specifically but your best bet is to just match the paint. You need to paint complete bike anyways.

Hi Steve,the codes are NH-146M Accurate Silver Metallic for the frame and R-124C-U Candy Alamoana Red for the panels


Excellent, thank you very much for the information.


Hi bif,
Do you happen to know the colour codes for the VF1000RF? I’m having my tank re painted shortly but not sure of the blue and the red codes.
Thanks in advance

Andy the codes are PB-127C-U Candy Aleutian Blue,R-134 Fighting Red and NH-138 Shasta White
Regards Bif

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Same as the 84 colours. The blue is no normal metallic one. It is somehow silver and shine through blue above it.

Hi just to be sure are you saying the colours stated by Bif for the VF1000RF are the same for the ‘84 VF1000RE? Is the silver frame colour mentioned also the same?

The blue has silver base and than blue over it followed by clear coat.

Thanks bif, much appreciated!

The frame of an RE is NH-104M-U Pleiades silver metallic

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