Rear suspension for a f2

Hi I am asking about the suspension units listed on e bay for my F2 which seems to have lost its ability to hold air, there is 1 listed on e bay with a USPT No of USPT 274468 which is listed as fitting my bike, however there is also an other one with a part No of USPT 313936 which has the adjuster that My unit has & is visually the same as my fitted shock but it is listed as fitting an R model.
Can anybody clear this up for me because I am so close to getting the bike on the road.
I have asked the seller but I don`t have an answer yet.
Thank you all in advance.

hi bert, sadly none of those shocks will fit your f2, from memory 1984 FE, RE, and the later RF shocks are about 400mm long, FF and F2F boldo’r shocks are 410 long, there are also differences in the width across the top mount.
hope this helps.

Hi everybody

Can anybody tell me if this is the correct suspension unit for the VF 1000 f2 bol bor.
eBay item number:273842854345
It is listed as being for a 1985 1000 interceptor f which is the Americian verision of the bike BUT will it be suitable for my 1985 Bol Bor F2?
Thank you all for your help.

Upper fixing: eyelet
Diameter: 10 mm
Length: 400/410 mm
Bottom fixing: Fork
Fork width: 50 mm
Adjustment: Preload (continuous)/Ritorno
Spring color: Red
Spring characteristics: 56-180-200
Tanks: No
Manufacturer: YSS
Piston diameter: 45 mm
Rod diameter: 16 mm