Rear Tail lite VF 1000 F2


New member. Am not new to motorbikes ,but picked up a 84 Vf 1000 f2 and am missing the rear tail lite unit. These seem to be hard to find? The rest of the bike in very good condition. The wind screen could be replaced but will do for now.Some help and guidance will be appreciated.
A little about me- I live in the Okanagan valley ,British Columbia, Canada. I believe the bikes were not released here (Canada) and so they are rare around here. I am retired now so getting more into restoring bikes . Not computer literate so will have to figure out the photo thing .Was on photo bucket , didn’t like what they did ,so cancelled my account.
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Welcome Boris,the tail light you need is common to both the FF and F2F models.
German eBay ( is one of the best sources of parts at the moment.
If you can’t find what you need there,let me know and I will have a look in Teambif’s stores for you
Regards Bif


Thanks for the welcome and quick reply!
I did go to the German site and did find a nos taillight, (33704-mb6-691)but @ $165.00 plus shipping—well, on a pension----- will not fly with the (boss).
Not to say it’s not possible–but would rather look for used and see what is available.
I don’t need a bike to ride ,my daily ride is a 83 Honda CX 650 Turbo that we restored and i like the bike very much-- fits me well.
What photo programs are people using that allow 3d party hosting?Have not posted photos since photo bucket screwup.
Thanks Big


One of the reasons the genius that is PAJ moved the forum to this format was that now you can drag and drop pictures in windows or import them using the picture icon on the task bar at the top of the reply box.
I was very lucky and found a brand new tail light for £40 some time ago.
Second hand should be no problem to find and our offer of one from our store(second hand) at a sensible price stands.
If you like the riding position on the CX you will love the BolDor.
Regards Bif


Here she is ,before we cleaned her up.
Thank you for the info Bif


I have had the bike for quite a while .Took it for a ride after dismantling and putting back together, you are correct —i like the bike and riding position, did not go too far —no tail lite.Am looking forward to take her on the hwy.
Question Bif, the wind screen for sale on this site(Givi) . What is your opinion ? Good or should i keep looking?No experience with product.


I did try a givi screen,it was well finished and was a direct replacement for the standard one with all holes aligning perfectly but at 4 inches taller than standard looked out of place I thought.
I’m 6’2" tall and the edge of the screen was always in my line of sight.
There is a flip screen on eBay UK right now,been on for a while as it’s wrongly listed for an FE.
My brother uses one of these on his Bol and likes it a lot,it’s approx +2"
I replaced mine with a standard shaped one,I will dig the details out and post them up.
From memory both were in about £65.
She looks well Boris,great to see another preparing to hit the road
Regards Bif


Just found pics of the screen wpbarlow has for sale,looks to be more like the +2" Johnboy uses.
The price is very fair too,well worth it
Regards Bif


Due to finish soon,tail light on French eBay €20 plus €17.50 shipping worldwide
Regards Bif


Looked all over the French site, must have missed it. There is another one there for a 20 but he wants 38 to ship. May take a stab at it.
The fellow that is got the windscreen has not replied yet .
Thanks Boris


I have one here Boris,yours for £25 plus actual shipping cost.Let me know if this is of interest
Regards Bif


Yes ,i’ll take it Bif. Thank you for the help! Much appreciated. Can pay with PayPal if you send me a invoice, or however you want.
Ship Address is
Boris Fudurich
5145 Mackinnon Rd
Peachland BC Canada
V0H 1X2


PayPal is fine,my account is
I will let you know the total before I post it off.
Regards Bif


Thank you!