Rebuilding Carburetor of VF1000F2

I’m actually rebuilding the carburetor of my VF1000F2. The bike has at some point received a replacement engine from VF1000FE. Which main jet size was usually used in the carburetor, I thought it would be 145/150, but I found the size 110. should i replace them?

Thanks Oliver

I have no idea if the carburetor was replaced too.

Hi Oliver,

I think the spec for EU/AU model VF1000FE are 145 front/150 rear as you say, some of the American models have a 145/115 in them as I received a Keyster carby kit with these jets.

When I asked they said they were for the US market and needed to be modified to 145/150 for the EU/AU market.

My FE has 145/150 jetting in it, not sure what the F2 is supposed to have in it though.

I also noticed, that the stop in the diaphragm was sawed off, so the vaccuum cylinders could open up completely.

Andy from NRP carbs in the UK was pretty helpful when I did mine, he has an VF1000FF so is keen to help out with VF’s

They also sell all carb kits etc for them, so I think they would be able to sort it out for you.

thanks for your hint, now i’ve ordered a secondhand set of 145/150 jets.
another problem, i tried to use some old air funnels for the carburetor, but they won’t fit. it seems as they have become smaller over the years. is that possible?

I’m not too sure, but I guess it is likely as they change things over the years. They are probably different country to country as well.

If you could identify the carbys that would probably help you out, do they have any numbers on the bodies?

Old funnels (and insulators) tend to harden and shrink during years, making assemly next to impossible.