Recent Addition

I picked up my 2nd VF1000F in September- I’d put 50,000 miles on my first one before selling it quite a while ago, and was starting to miss it.

Found this one in Albany NY- rough cosmetically, slight tank leak, and terrible starter noise (yeah, broken starter clutch lol), but seemed to run fine and the suspension held pressure. So…

Not as nice as the pics make it seem, and if you look carefully you can see evident wear and mismatches.

Just did the rebuild/powdercoat of a whole bunch of stuff (forks, all masters & slaves, calipers, brackets, handlebars, etc.). Wish I’d done some “before” pics because the “after” came out very well. After that goes back together there’s more to do (as always ;D)

I keep going back and forth on how far to take things- I’m still in the sympathetic restoration stage, but I guess if I take care of the bodywork it will be more than that.

Take a look at the "after pics

The guy who did this work did a spectacular job, and I’d like to give him a shout out if that’s permitted on the forum


The finish looks good Walter,feel free to recommend your powdercoaters and welcome back to the fold.
It’s strange how these old girls get under your skin
Regards Bif

Damn, those first VF1000’s look SOooo much nicer than my FF. Nice work Walter.


His name is Tom Kerxhalli, and his site is

He owns some VF and CB 1100’s, so that’s what he mostly does. As an aside, his site has some nice “rebuild” videos.


I have to give a shout-out to my friend Chris (he owns a VF1000F too) as well for the sparkling job he did on my VF1000F valve covers. If you need things shiny-- contact him



hi walter,
you have just reminded me how much i dislike polishing aluminum, i did my fe covers a few years ago, i remember they took about 2 evenings each, i was well fed up by the time i had finished them… lucky for me the ff that im doing at the moment has painted black covers… i did consider polishing them but i like the all black look of the ff engine.

the covers and the powder coating look top class.