Refit more than re-build now

I dont know if this works on here . I had to have the bike taken down to fit the new mudguard and did the clutch seal engine oil and collector box all at the same time, fitted a new air box, swept up screen wired in a 12v power supply for the standard sat nav fitted wider view mirrors inside the standard ones and added two useful but so tacky looking side lights to try and prevent fat idiots running into it while its parked again.

and of course Dani doing her Rossi impersonation
well she is only 10

The next stage is to find out where all the power has gone hiding…Why is it so slow…?

My Bol is quite a rapid machine,Too fast for the 25yr old tired suspension.Off to Maxton soon for some suspension upgrades.About 140 seems about right top end but my one is just getting into its stride at 100 not running out of puff.Make sure the cams are still lumpy and carb diaphrams are working right.

Thanks for that info …what are you going to change on the suspension and why ? just curious. Bike mechanics not being a strong point of mine. Would really like to have this bike on top form . I am sure it has got much more to give , would be surprised at 24k miles if the cams are goosed already but everything is worth looking at , there must be some reason why it is so slow. Just as a matter of interest what tyres do you run on yours?

Avon road riders in the correct VF sizes.
Maxton do a shock to suit how much you weigh and what type of riding you do and they re-work the front forks so they are not too soft and bouncy.My 14 yr old lad is often on the back and the old stock shock has seen better day’s and has turned into a pogo stick