Refitting the carburettors

A while back I purchased this how to guide
I thought that the refitting method was rather neat,the author suggests this is how it’s done at the factory
I’m going to give it a go on the next set of carbs I fit


That’s how I do it and it works a treat!

This guide is great everyone that does their own carbs should buy one. Mike Nixon is one of the most knowledgeable Mechanics around. get on his website and check it and him out. He makes a lot of sense.
[]. this is the website it won’t be a waste of time.


oops! sorry guys wrong website, try this one

Pushing down means, you do both sides (front and rear) at the same time? If you struggle with this, what side should be first inside the manifolds? Or does this cause more trouble?

I have to do this with my 500F.

Edit: A friend adviced me to use some sandpaper to get the metal side smooth.

I found grease to help them slide in easier.

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Hi faxe,
I wouldn’t be able to count how many times I’ve had vf carbs on and off, in the past I’ve always sweared by sliding the rears in first the pushing down on the fronts with the rubber insulators facing up, a wide bladed blunt screw driver helps just to ease the rubbers into the carbs, as ed says a little grease helps no end… last month though, I had the pleasure of replacing a set of Re carbs, new rubbers from silvers, it took me ages, they just didn’t want to go, I’ve got to say, the rubbers although new genuine honda didn’t seem as soft and supple as usual…
So, next time I’m going to try the method in the manual bif has kindly posted earlier in this thread…

Exactly the way i did mine. First time is REALLY HARD and frustrating, also i would recommend having at least 2 persons, one on the back carbs and one on the front. Also after inserting one side of the carbs, hitting them with a rubber hammer does a great job! It’s an old trick from old shops here in my country!