refurb update.

Hi guys,

Just thought I’d log in an update of my efforts to put a realy ugly yellow vf1000fe back on the road.

I got it yellow and gruby, I have seen better ones sold on ebay since that dont look like half the work as this needs new fork seals and a rear shock, the carbs were sticking so that only 2 had the vacume slides moving when reved, cleaned them and seems to be ok, brakes need stripped and the fuel pipes and filter have been changed,new plugs and it runs nice now.
I am in the middle of a rattle can respray and its turning out ok, I just have to keep patient with the job, frame has been rubbed down and painted as both sides of the engine casings.
I have put small indicators on it and took away the rear mudguard.
I have fitted 2 pipewerx exhaust to it and sounds fantastic,Alittle rc30 ish.
Still aways to go but its inbetween work so maybe have it on the road before xmas, I have 2 other bikes so no hurry,will be happy to have a blast from the past sat in my garage tho. cheers.

Ok, rattle can job turned out crap so the plastics and tank have gone to paint shop,getting it done in white, will still put standard red decals on it but not having the blue to try and make it a bit different to bog, but I think I might add some red and blue graphics to get some colour in it.took forks off and having seals put in by miles kingsport in Hull, I did these once before but without correct tools can destroy seals and seats so for £50.00 will have it done proper.
done brakes, fitted used slave as I couldnt get the nipple out of original, looking tidy now will be glad to get it finished,worn fingers out polishing and wife starting to call me by a different name??