Reliable fuel pump!

Anybody know of a reliable fuel pump, mine has failed again! It was a cheap one off Ebay for a cbr600 but it is the second one to fail in a couple of years, Pete what pump did you fit?


Hi gary, I used the tourmax pump for a vfr750, although it has the straigh outlets like the cbr600 you have, the body and internals are exactly the same as the original Mitsubishi pumps, it’s even got the Mitsubishi logo stamped in the end, I couldn’t be sure but I would say Mitsubishi make them for tourmax… they’ve gone up a bit since I bought mine.

Wow that is expensive! But I need something reliable.

Yes, they were only about £80 when I got mine :+1:

Brooksbarn do them for £88 which isn’t too bad. Thanks Pete.

I have bought the following fuel pump for, Yamaha YZF R1 1998-2001, from “” ;

OUMURS motosiklet yakıt pompası Yamaha YZF R1 1998 2001 YZF R6 1999 2002 YZF1000 1000R 1997 FZ1 1997 05 yerine 4SV 13907 00 00| | - AliExpress

price was 18.65$+Shipment when I have bought it in April2020.
And I have bought two to make sure I have a spare if something went wrong. It did not.
Before installation I took out the metal connection frame which was for made for Yamaha and it fitted without any problems to VF1000.
Since I did not have the pump fitting rubber jacket, I wrapped a thin rubber line around the metal body of the pump during installation for tight fit.
Tested the pump pressure and found that it stopped at cut off pressure of 3.5bar.
Installed the pump and using it with no problems, so far.

Thanks AOrhun will see if they deliver to UK.

Tourmax one arrived today and is a much better fit than the one I was using and also sounds nicer. Thanks Pete.