Renewed my insurance for less

[:D]I renewed my insurance today on compare the
cheapest quote for 3rd party only was with Swinton at £46.00 up £3.00 from last year.
but after ringing up a flyer they sent me it said £30.00 cash back to me the girl on the phone said I had to spend £150.00 to qualify.
but I did not give up at that point,I looked on Swintons site and it said the same thing and listed the Terms and Conditions so I rung them up and insisted that I was eligible for the discount.
I told the woman on the phone that I purchased my insurance on and had a screen grab for proof.I fulfilled all the conditions required.She asked me why I did not put in the code,I told her there was no box available.she took my details and the phone went quiet for a bit then she came back and said I would get a personal cheque with in 90 days for £30.00.
So my insurance this year is costing me just £16.24 Beat that anyone.[}:)]

Lucky bastard!

nice one windy, better than the complete “adrian flux up” ive just set on… was insured with them last year fully comp clasic policy with agreed value on bike. £117

  1. this years renewel came through post at £147 for same policy.
  2. so i goes on go-compare and they are still quoting £117 so i renews through there…they accepted my money and verified all my details as correct.
  3. next an email arrives wanting photocopy of driving licence, photo’s of bike, a milage declaration form, and a set of forms for the agreed value plus a extra £15 for agreed value policy… ( now forgive me if im wrong but i always thought the idea of the classic policy was you sacrifice your no claims bonus, but have agreed value and buy back on salvage).
  4. so i double checks the policy wording, the actual price of the policy is £102… ive paid £117 so i assume ive already paid the £15 agreed value up front…“not so said the the lady on the phone, thats an administration cost on all our new policies, its £30 on existing policies…you still owe us £15… its in the terms and conditions you’ve ticked the box to say you’ve read them”…so i says"if this administration charge and agreed value charge applies to all policies it should be up front and highlighted at the begining of the payment procedure"…“not so, youve read the terms and ticked the box” she replied… so at this point i accept defeat and think the matters closed…not so…
    5)I am now on my second email and first written letter saying i haven’t sent copies of licence ect and my pollicy is at risk of being canceled…which is peeing me off as I’ve sent them twice using the link provided on there email… (i know what they’re after… they want me to phone them, spend ten minutes listening to “green sleeves” and charge me a fiver for the call…)

If ever there was an industry in this country that needs investigating for bad practice and miss-selling of goods and services, its the insurance industry, its not the £15 its the principal.

Go “Peter James” - brilliant.


fully comp was £63.00 but I think if some one steels it,its unreplaceable in terms of money so I have two disc locks bright yellow,and wont leave it anywhere dodgy.its too heavy to lift as its nearly 500kg without me on it.
Swindon seems the cheapest on bikes this year through KGM insurance but their re quote letter on my doorstep was not at £117.00
I seem to use more this year for cheap and easy buying and I get a free toy as well.
My 4th will be arriving soon

Never pay the renewal buy it at a new customer online
all insurance brokers are crooks in my opinion they try to upgrade you for everything even though the policy costs the £20.00.


info The AA now do an Ap for £4.99 to be a member for car breakdown repairs capped at £80.00 but if you dont use them just the £4.99 membership.
Hope they do one for bikes soon.