Replace the Fairing Screws

Has anyone used these full replacement sets that are available on the Bay of E?

I don’t have any missing on my bike but some are corroded and almost worn so thought it would benefit from a shiny new set.

Am I crazy for replacing the originals I still have fitted or should I search for the holy grail and try to replace them with Honda originals??

A set came with an R I bought,I took them off and fitted original fasteners.
They are stainless but the shape is all wrong,the shoulders are differing lengths of tubing.

If it’s just the Dzus fasteners you want they are available on their own,you need the 17mm long ones

Damn - just ordered these assuming they are exact match for the originals but I guess I will have to return them for a refund.

I ordered a set for my VFR400R - NC24. Some had the wrong length. Some look different to the original ones. They reacted to my complaints and sent the other stuff for free (2 longer Dzus, different fittings for Dzus, …)


Can you be the guinea pig and let us all know how they work out before buying???

What are you replacing on? A VF1000R?

When mine arrive for my Vf1000R I will report back on how they compare to the originals.

Is this of any use to you?

Well the stainless fairing screws etc arrived from Speedy. All had hex heads instead of Phillips head even though I requested Phillips head. Dzus had Phillips head not slot head as per original. Nothing to fit the 4 rear light panel holes. Shapes all wrong. Got some large headed screws with black rubber screw-ons that I presume are for the windscreen - nothing like original.
Why would I want to devalue my bike fitting these?
If you say these are for a VF1000R then make them the same as the originals or put in large letters " NOT IDENTICAL TO OEM"

Sorry to hear that buddy.

I had hoped for positive reviews and to find that easy fix to replace every rusty screw on the bike.

I hope you’ve emailed the seller and told them it’s not fit for purpose. More importantly that they aren’t anything close to OEM. I guess it’s a case of get your money back and join the treasure hunt for originals…