Replacement carbs

I’ve just got a basket case '85 1000 and the carbs are in bits, everything looks to be there but some of the plastic fuel elbows are broken. Rather than hacking around trying to fix these, are there any other carbs that will fit rather than just replacing with another set of 36 year old carbs ?
Also, is there anywhere that does silicone radiator hoses in BLACK, all the ones I’ve found are in either blue or red.

Hi, best of luck with finding other carbs to substitute. I reckon even if you could find some which would work at the correct angle and fit, you would be spending so much time pulling them off and on to jet jetting right that it would send you round the twist. If I was you, I’d persevere with finding the bits to complete your set, the tees do come up on ebay occasionally, or you could get someone to make up substitutes in metal if all else fails? Aussie wreckers still seem to have bits for them if you really get stuck? Have you checked that the motor is free and OK? If you slip the cam covers off and check condition of all cams and rockers it will tell you if it is worth continuing.
Best of luck with your project, this forum has plenty of help, lots of posts about carb assembly.

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You can find them on eBay;

Many thanks, I’ll check those out.