Replacement igniter units

Although I have some spare units I thought this link may well be of use to other members
These units look the business one version even offers user adjustable timing,very interesting
Regards Bif

Makes you want to buy one, even though I don’t need it yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

The ability to use COP is very interesting.

The Triumph 955 Daytona uses the same plugs as the VF and has stick coils too.
It’s only a case of making up a sub loom to run power out to them,even simpler if connector plugs are available.
Reading the site it looks as if the max advance available electronically is 38.5,DMS in the US were offering a 40 degree mod.Any of this may only have real value on a modified engine though.
Still at the price for a pair I think it worth a try
Regards Bif

I bought a set from Tom for my big Sabre last summer. Worked well, and a LED indicating if the pulse from pulse generators is a plus. Not COP, for ordinary coils, though.

I think the connectors for the stick coils should be available from :smiley: ;D