Replacing FF silencers.

Baffles on my VF1000 are disintegrating, cans themselves are fine so I’m looking at making a replacement pair in either ally or stainless. Am thinking of just a simple straight baffle inside with packing. Anyone done anything similar ? I know I’ll probably have to rejet.
Other alternative is to repair the standard ones. Do baffles come out by removing end cap or do I need to cut them apart ?
Any advice / pointers would be welcome.
Replacing with aftermarket isn’t an option with cost of replacements over in NZ.

hi yorky,

the vf silencers are fairly complicated in the way they are manufactured, i cut a pair of Bosco after market ones apart with the view to repacking them, the 4 rivets that apear to hold the end cap on actually fasten into a plate welded onto the baffle, the end cap is brazed into the exhaust, the other end of the baffle is welded onto another plate half way between the end cap and the first welded seam half way down the exhaust,
you would definatly have to cut the exhausts in two, My thoughts were to cut them open and remove all the baffle and plates, then make a baffle in a cartridge with a flange on the end so it could be pop rivited in from the end…
If i can find all the pieces i will photo them and put the pics on here.

That would be great, thanks. Sounds like it’s going to be easier just to make new ones and that will only cost me materials. I would like to spend some time actually riding the blasted thing instead of mending stuff so I’ll probably make new ones and then I can rebuild the originals.

Repainted the downpipes / collector and all good. Silencers are (especially the left one) shot. There’s that much braize gobbed on and full of dents they really aren’t worth the aggro of repairing. They should do until next winter then I’ll either build some cartridge type ones or use these as patterns for some aluminium replicas.