respray and paintpaint

After loads of humming a haring about what colour to respray my vf I have today decided to spray it White/Blue/ Red decals.
I like the cherry red but its very complicated to spray in layers.

Does anyone know where to find the correct paint and recommend a superb sprayer.

As the decals kit is £95.00 I am reluctant to fit these as well.

Lloyd in Norwich

You can get exact color match from . I’m doing an 84’VF1000F red/white/blue resto with their 11oz. rattle cans, colors: SKU 2045-NH138 Shasta White; SKU 2075-PB Candy Aleution Blue; SKU 2110-R107 Candy Bourgogne Red; SKU MAPRI- Primer; SKU UCA 150- High gloss clear. You can get it in various size cans for spray gun application too. Many different colors to chose from along with suggested base coats to use also. I hope this helps !

I have purchased paints for two VF:s from R&H Motorradlack in Germany. Available in cans for sprayguns, rattle cans and even in touch-up bottles. They use original Honda colour codes.

I use RS motorbike paint in Herts although I have not used the VF colours they have listed, I only use their base and candy colours, then use proprietary automotive stuff primers and laquers etc. when you look around for paintwork to be done in the UK see if you can get some references off customers, some of the advertised paintwork on the web are miles apart from reality, I used RS colours on these at I hav’nt bothered doing any more paintwork myself because I was to build a paint spraying shop but run out of funds, something that seems too common these days, Phil.