Revs only up to 8-9k

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
Sorry for my bad English I just bought Vf1000f2, bike was not starter for an 12 years so I clean all carbs change all spark plugs and coil wires now engine is running nice on idle stars good as well but it revving only up to 7-8 rpm. And feels like is misfirering when hit full throttle. Maybe issue is in puls generators?

It may also result from fuel delivery problem to carburetors.
When carburetors starve fuel at high rpm, it may result in similar symptom.
Also I recommend to check the coils.

Hello, check the vent tube from the carbs to into the swing arm.
If the air do not goes out from the carbs, the gasoline do not go in!
Let me know …

checked vent tube it is free but I realized strang thing… I try to blow air by my mouth in to this tube while engine was running ant it revs excellent!!! May be this tube should be connected somewhere?