rocker gaskets

Hi there just ordered 2 rocker cover gaskets to fit my vf1000 ff they arrived this morning and don’t fit mine are the ones that have the half moon bits on them where they fit adjacent the cams the ones I have bought have no half moon part to them at all can someone help me get the correct ones I ordered these from wemoto and there was no picture but stated they fitted ff fe fg f2 1985 to 86 and mine is a c reg ff so should be ok but are not

hi paul,
as far as i know, the (1984) FE and RE ones are the only ones that dosen’t have the half moon shapes on the them, all the models after that (85 onwards) ff, fg and f2 should have as they had line bored cams, looks like wemoto’s listing is wrong, or they have sent you the wrong item…

I’m pretty sure the rocker cover gasket on the vf1000RF (1986) (part number 12391-MB6-680) will be the same as the ff like yours, dave silvers can order these in at £26 each + vat and postage, it may be worth giving them a call just to see if they are the same,

there may be someone out there who has bought a complete ff gasket set and has these spare, will let you know if i see any about.

Cheers Pete I have checked the wemoto listing and I think they have sent me the wrong ones as there are 2 separate listings for them and I definitely pushed the correct one as the receipt I got says I did will phone them tomoz and check thanks for the reply

I had this problem some years ago when I first got my bike and did the Tappets. I have an 87 FF here, ! the cams are line bored so you need the half moon gaskets, £69.18 for two bloody gaskets !!! I first bought some Wemoto ones that said they were good for my model, they were wrong … Sad I am afraid but the David Silver or CMS prices are quite close.

Hi Rog yep spoke to wemoto today about the cam cover gaskets they are certain they are correct and I am certain they are not their technical guy is phoning me Monday so we can sort it out they say they can only get genuine gaskets with the half moon seals on them but say they only fit a vf1000r I am sick of getting parts that state they fit but once delivered are wrong so will chase them to supply the oe equipment at the same price

stand your ground on this one paul, wemoto are clearly wrong,

p.s. posted your parcel today, so should be there early next week.

Hi Pete will try to make them see sense and thanks for posting the parcel now I owe you a pint of shandy

Spoke to wemoto today and they have apologised as they have found that their supplier can no longer get the correct gaskets and sent the others to wemoto with the later part number hoping to get away with it, they have said they will now supply me with 2 genuine gaskets and send them to me f.o.c and give me a stamped addressed envelope to return the other ones so all in all a good result presume they are getting them from dave silver