Rocker pivot replacement help

I want to replace the rocker pivot bolts on my 84 1000F because the chrome looks horrible now. Can this be done without removing the cams, rocker, etc? It looks like if the cylinder is at TDC, I could remove the pivot bolts for that cylinder without removing any other parts (other than one 10mm outside cam bolt) since there would be no pressure on the bolt anymore.

Can anyone in here confirm this before I try to pull the bolt and cause a lot more work for myself?


With the cam cover off you should be able to see when the rocker is off load,backing the tappets off will give you more clearance then I see no reason why the shaft can’t be removed.Apart from the 6mm bolt on the outer end of the cam cap needing to come out that is

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In case someone lands on this thread in the future.

As mentioned, put the cylinder at TDC so there is no pressure on the rocker, remove the outer cam holder bolt, and the pivot bolt comes out without any trouble.

Be sure the o-ring and spring washer do not go missing before reinstallation.