Has anyone tried refinishing Rocker pads, I have a good set of used rockers and a good set of cams but they don’t match (off different engines) although the pads look ok I want them to run in together and they will obviously have a different pad to cam wear pattern, I have done this on small bike engines in the past like 125’s by gently stroking up and down on a fine oilstone and i’m not sure of how hard the rocker pad is on the VF’s.
The Clymer manual says to bin them and buy new, but as we all know they are not exactly growing on trees.

Hi Phil I am very much on Learner plates with these bikes but as a general observation :

Cam shops reface cam followers [tappets ?] as a matter of course, last set I got done for my Triumph cost $AU8 each and they are stellite [super hard] material.
The advantage of having the job done professionally is that the cam shop can accurately reproduce the original radius and also test surface hardness to ensure they have not cut through any case hardening.

Even if they do it would be interesting to compare price of new rockers against having the cam shop hard face and regrind the originals, that and nitrided cams I suspect would give you a “forever” top end.

Hi, thanks for that Tiger, I will hava a look around for a decent shop, David Silvers here in the UK have two in at £29.00 GBP each and only have two and I found someone in the US at $522.00 for eight.