RPM increase between shifts

So I took my VF1000F at for a quick ride today , in between shifts when pulling clutch the rpms would increase then slowly go to normal until the next shift. Im suspecting carb boots is the most common cause but on inspection they visually look good and all clamps are tight.I have not tried spraying carb cleaner or anything yet but i was wondering if there may be other known causes, maybe coils or spark plug leads.It did not do this when i bought the bike last fall so my thinking is maybe its still a bit chilly and the boots will seal themselves when warmer,if they are not cracked.It didnt do this when i bought the bike last fall and went for a little ride before putting it away for the winter

Could also be the pilot screws need turning out a bit to richen the mixture, i would check for leaks on the inlet rubbers first though :+1:t2: