Rubber heat shield between motor and carbs?

Happy New Year to all from down under in Oz!
I`m sweltering away in my shed, currently a mere 36 degrees C, which is a nice change from 40+ of a couple of days ago!
Rebuild of my FF is going well now, Building one FF out of the best of my original FF, and a dismantled and partially restored FF about 200 serial number digits different. Both bikes had the rubber mat fall apart in my hands, I thought of making another out of rubber sheet, or soft aluminium flashing, any thoughts? Irealise that whatever I use, it should act to prevent heat conducting up from the motor, and be rigid enough to not to flog around and chafe on HT leads etc…


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These little beggars have a tendency to fall to bits at the age they are.I would love to find one in good condition and have it remoulded in silicon

Hi Bif,
yes, understandably they don’t cope with the heat of a VF. I`ll rough one out of soft alloy sheet, and glue some rubber on for good measure- and hopefully eliminate any tendency to rattle or flap.


My thoughts were to use some of the silver, foam backed, 3mm insulating material. It might be possible to get that rigid enough to stay in place.

I use this in the lower fairing of my CB1100RC as the exhaust pipes are only about 10mm away from the fairing, it works very well, it is around 3-4mm thick so would be ok stuck to a thin Aluminum backing piece …

+1 for the reflective adhesive foam solution. Has worked well without issue for 4 years in all seasons and riding. I used the partially disintegrated OEM piece as a template.

Thanks all for your suggestions, at this stage have made the shield out of 0.8 mm alloy flashing material, with the rear edges covered with slit plastic tubing to protect the tops of the carbs, and wiring loom on RHS. If this works OK I may re do it later in thicker, or cover it with the insulated material- it`s a really tight squeeze pushing the fans back in on top from the front!
Slowly progressing- need to find a replacement for carb fuel line tee piece now, 10mm into 2 x 8 mm unequal leg tee?

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