sad f2f

there is a sad looking f2f with a mofidied fairing and an awful blue paint job up for sale on ebay for about £200. ought to be worth twice that for parts alone if anyone wants to have a look

Hi can you tell me the auction reference number as i cannot find the listing & is it in the UK.
Thanks Hugh

[8D]its upto £310.00 as of tonight

Item number: 330715654884[:0]

If its from Copart it will not have a registration document so will need to be re-registered, I’m not sure if bikes are the same cars in the UK they get classified under “cat b, cat c, or cat d” a cat b cannot be returned to the road and will need the Vin number removing, usually the headstock, cat c needs a VOSA check and a new registration document, cat d needs just a new registration document, Copart sell insurance write off’s so I’m assuming it will need these checks or a new document, Phil.

I should have said “same as cars” Doh!