SC16, the first experiences

Hello guys,

the first season with my VF1000R has now ended and it only lasted more or less 6 weeks.

The bike was registered on September 23rd and is automatically deregistered with the end of October.
I could ride it for rouhgly 400 km, that was enough to create a „to-do-list“ for the winter months.

What I really love about that thing is its bigness. It is big in all kind of ways:
Its weight, its torqy engine and the thrust it is providing already at low revs, the size in general. Love it!
But one has to love these kind of things and mustn´t be afraid of the sheer mass, especially when manouevering in the narrowness of the shed!

For the winter season the plan is to:
Replace the horn, which doesn´t work anymore, so I´m looking for a nice(!) Mitsuba MBH-2E Horn (just in case someone should have more of these…)
Check the clutch, ´cause it slips when reaching 7000revs in higher gear. Getting a clutch spring was difficult, finally i found a NOS VF1100C Spring, which some of you may know as the V65 Sabre. That should fit, I´ll keep you informed.

One last thing ist he consumption oft he engine. I would describe it as the opposite of thrifty……8,94ltr/100 km, is equal to 11,19 km/ltr , 6,99 mls/ltr or 26.26 mls/gallon ( hopefully no big miscalculation…)
Of course i was testing a little just to find out what I can expect from the SC16 but honestly, it was not that wild…but I´m looking forward to finding out what the consumption will be like on the autobahn.

And of course, I look forward to your tips!

Best wishes

Hi Joe,
Regarding fuel consumption these engines are almost petrol cooled! On my VF1000FF I get about 8.1L/100km on a “spirited” ride and about 7.24L/100km if I’m touring. Yours is a bit low so maybe some servicing work on the carbs and balancing? Blocked or restricted Air Filter? Choke operation? Brakes binding or tyre pressure too low maybe? There’s plenty of real experts on here to point you in the right direction.

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Nearly 9l is little bit too much. I would expect 7,5l.

I don’t know how it was maintained. It it always worth to check the front brakes. The thick bolt that is covered by rubber seals on each should move. This is essential for floating brakes.

Check if cooling liquid contains anti corrosion. New Oil and filter is always good, if you don’t know how long it was inside the engine.


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Hi A&A,
thanks for your feedback!

First thing I always do after purchasing a new used bike is changing oil and filter, in this case i changed the air cleaner element as well. Spark plugs looked good so far, but nevertheless I will change them in winter. Engine coolant is a good point, once everything is stripped off this can be renewed too.
What kind of spark plugs would you recommend, will iridiums show an effect (… besides the one on my wallet…)?
And, because you´ve mentioned it: The brakes work fine, I´ve cleaned everything and changed the seals. Braking, releasing, all good.
Finally I´m looking for a pair of good mirors and “good” means that the glass must be okay ( no cracks or scratches and sitting tight in its frame), and no broken plastic. Red would be perfect, but at the end I am going to repaint them, so the colour doesn´t matter that much.
Oh, before I forget: The clutch spring of the Sabre V65 is the same, so I can use that, but are there any recommendations out there which friction plates I should buy!

Thanks again and best wishes!
Stay safe and healthy!