Scotland 2017


wish i was that organised… details sent matey


And then there were five.
It’s a real shame that the numbers are so depleted but I know everyone has different pressures and restrictions.
So it will be up to Pete,Paul,Graham,John and myself to sample the delights of Scotland and report back here for those who can’t make the trip.
I’m counting down now
Regards Bif


Getting close now and I am itching for the open road and good company. Just a quick update on the meeting point Pete and Paul, The McDonalds is in the midst of a refit but we will still meet there as there is a Greggs Café right beside it. Will see you there . ;D


Cheers John. . At least I won’t have to contemplate eating a big Mac… things are looking up already ;D


To all those heading up North for the annual VF1000 Scotland Tour this weekend, ride safe, have fun and when not riding try and stay sober enough to take some cool photos of the bikes for the website!

Don’t forget to pack your kilts…


One day I hope to have you with us on the route north Pete,the other lads have only ever met me,I’m sure they would be well impressed by the brains in the Teambif outfit.
Best regards Bif


Well, thats another great scottish trip completed, just another 360 days before we can do it all again…
A big thank you to bif for organising it all, which cant be easy, thanks to graham, paul and john for being great company as usual… “Man of the match” award goes to John for loaning paul his blackbird when pauls ducati refused to start.
will catch up with you all in a few weeks time at squires…


Ducati refused to start ? Well there’s a novelty !!! Good on you lads - was thinking about you as I sat through a boring wedding. Well done Paul for making it after a few trials and tribulations and of course the Scottish boys for hosting yet again.
Hulme End will hopefully be the next time we can meet up and talk rubbish over a few pints


Was sorry to have missed this, but am hoping to head north in a few weeks if things work out.

Where are the pictures ???


Hi Guys I would like to thank you all for a great trip and especially to Jon for loaning me his superb blackbird when mine went on strike, A true friend and also to Bif for organising a wonderful trip and fantastic roads. and to Graham and Pete for being good mates, roll on squires so I can say hello and I can give Jon back is bike and hopefully get mine back to Norfolk lol…


Yet another excellent trip. Fantastic routes and the weather was extremely clement considering the time of year!
A big thanks to Bif for setting it all up and planning the routes, Thanks too Graeme for showing us a new route to the Erskine bridge. ;D
A little late on the first day resulted in Bif racing against the setting sun to get to Roy Bridge as his headlights are not fantastically illuminating! A good Meal in Tyndrum and a “few” beers in the pub after arrival rounded the evening out nicely.
Saturday saw us heading to Eilean Donan castle which is beautiful then over Bealach Na Ba to Applecross and then on to Kinlochewe. These roads are twisty single track roads but are an absolute blast. on then to Garve , Muir of Ord and Drumnadrochit where we stayed. The Loch Ness hotel supplied us with a Delicious meal and Another “few” beers.
Sunday morning dawned and we headed down the side of Loch Ness to Fort William for breakfast. I was riding Bifs’ Gorgeous R and what a rewarding bike it is to ride. Handling is good with lovely brakes and that rev happy motor that just wants to pull and pull. A real credit to Bifs’ bike building abilities.
After breakfast we then motored to Oban with much spirited riding along the way. Paul had a go on my venerable Bol D’Or and Bif was piloting the Blackbird. Oban and then back to Connel and across to Tyndrum And on to Lochearnhead. Lochearnhead to Crieff is one of my personal favourites and I revelled in the R’s capabilities (which are WAY beyond mine) trying to keep up with Bif. A final swap round and I was back on my trusty Bol D’Or for the run in to Edinburgh. I unfortunately had to leave this great group of friends and head down the A7 to Cumbria. I really enjoyed the run home and all to soon was home and thinking about work the next morning.
Cant wait to pick up Paul’s Ducati and get down to Squires later in the month. Its going to be fun.
Thankyou Paul for coming all the way from Norwich to join us and Pete too Who Even built a Bol D’Or to come on. It looks great and went very well over the weekend.
Roll on Squires and Hulme End Too. Seriously addicted to this company and these VF’s 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


just a couple of pics from the recent scotish trip.

Eilan Donan Castle


Great pictures Pete. Stunning scenery and lovely bikes. ;D


Thanks to all the lads that made the trip north this year,the company was fantastic as usual.
We did get off to a bit of a bumpy start however,leaving us three and a half hours behind schedule.
The lads heading from Carlisle met up with me at Thornhill on the A76 and we proceeded to run into the only rain we saw for the whole weekend.
45 miles later,back on dry roads we were joined by GMcC who took point and lead us onto the Erskine bridge and the wonderful ride along the side of Loch Lomond
Fridays route

Saturday morning

We had parked up next to a Pan,at least it was a Honda and a V4 to boot.
After much talk the night before on the subject of suspension and handling we set about some fine tuning of Pete’s rear end(ooh err missus) then headed for the road to the Isles.
Glen Sheil and the five sisters provided the backdrop for the ride to Eilean Donan Castle and coffee at the visitors centre.

The fast open sweeping bends of the Isles road gave way to some nadgery blind crested single track with passing places.
Then the Bealach na Ba

Over the top and down to Applecross

From here we headed back to our overnight in Drumnadrochit.

Sunday brought clear skies and roads for the return leg to Edinburgh via Oban

With the by now obligatory coffee and scone on the way

Monday was another sunny if not a little breezy day,and after a hearty breakfast a brisk ride through the borders on the A7 returned the remaining three of us to Carlisle
A meet up at Squires is on the cards for the end of the month,until then ride safe,regards Bif


Some great looking bikes there, thanks for posting.