Scotland 2017

After yet another successful VF meet at Hulme End,I’m posting up proposed dates for a Scotland bash next year.
April 28-May 1 looks good in my diary,please use this topic to register your interest.
Shout up anything you particularly would like to see and we will do our best to include it in the chosen route.
Best regards Bif

Hi bif. Those dates are good for me… should be plenty of time to build my self a boldor… going to have some heated grips on it just in case it snows like last year… :slight_smile:

Packing the tank bag now :sunglasses:

Ok Bif, I’m in. Did Pete say snow!! :o :o :o

yes ivan, snow… i think the last may day bank holiday was the worst weather for 40 years, we had rain, hail, snow, sleet and it was fffff flipping freezing on the way there, we pulled over to refuel half way and all huddled around pauls heated grips for a warm…
the next day when we headed from edingburgh to avimore it was completely different, sun and a few showers,

scotland is getting closer now…well the trip is, scotland isnt, that would be a really silly thing to write…
The “build myself a boldor for scotland” project is not running smoothly, a number of problems have come to light with the engine, i will update the boldor build thread when i have solved them…
whatever happens i will still be heading to the highlands to sample some of those fantastic roads, and scottish hospitality, i just may be on one of the other vf’s…

Hello to all, nice to see youguys are all still well, my health is improving dramatically, as they have finally found what was causing my illness and I have reapplied for my license back, so was wondering whatnot guys had planned for this year as I am itching to see all my old mates so if someone could post up some dates I would love to come along, so I am officially on the mend and itching to ride again and would love to see you guys again as I feel I owe you for all yoursupport in the past so please let me know, but I won’t be on a Honda will use the gucati if ok with you

Hi Paul.
Good to here your on the mend mate… as far as I know scotland is the only trip with definate dates set… Hulme end is normally the last bank holiday in august…
It would be nice to get a few other things organised for the middle part of the year, maybe down south… or may be Europe ?.. that’s if they will let us in lol…
Whatever happens it will be good to see you whatever you turn up on…

Am definately up for the Scottish trip Pete so count me in mate Bit if you see this mate, I will be definitely coming and it would be great to see you all, if anyone needs money up front just let me know

Glad to read your post Paul. You certainly sound like you’ve found your mojo again.

Having read Biffs snippet about “maybe to Europe trip” has got me thinking. I’m on a biking trip to just south of Cherbourg in the middle of May to a Chateaux which is not anywhere near as expensive as it might sound. ( £57.00 for 2 nights ) If all goes well would anyone out there like to try this place later in the year ?


Just a quick note to let everyone know that plans are well under way for the trip,a route has been plotted and accommodation booked for Friday night and Sunday night,I’m waiting for a reply re Saturday and will post a full itinerary once this is finalised.
I am booking for 8 and have confirmation from Pete,Paul,Johnboy,Martin and Graham.
Ivan there’s a place for you if your still up for it,and a place for my nephew who has indicated he would like to join us
Regards Bif

I would have liked to come along to this to give my new (to me ) VF a good run but am all ready booked on another trip. Will look forward to a RR

Ive been struggling to get the time off but think I’ve managed to get Friday Saturday Sunday . Wont be able to stay till the monday but you will all be sick of me by then anyway!
Really looking forward to seeing everyone and getting some serious miles done.
Hope to see you all there!

All sorted with our accommodation,due to how busy things are our first night is a bit farther north than I would have liked,however the route to Roy Bridge will include Loch Lomond and Glen Coe approx 230 miles from Carlisle.
Saturday will see us heading toward the Kyle of Lochalsh past the stunning Ailean Doanan castle then right over to Loch Carron and up to the Applecross peninsula,Torridon,Achnasheen and Kinlochewe.
Another right turn steers us to Garve then down to Muir of Ord and our overnight at Drumnadrochit approx 220 miles.
Sunday gives us another ride down Loch Ness to Balachulish and the coast road down to Oban.
Weather permitting we will go south to Lochgilphead and Inveraray then over to Doon and Stirling.
We can cut back over to Glendevon and over the Forth road bridge into the Ibis hotel.
Mondays route south can be discussed on Sunday Evening with several options available.
A meet up at Macdonalds in Carlisle for the southern brethren,if that suits,with Johnboy and Martin then north via the A74/75 then 76 will pick me up then on for Graham at Catrine.
Kilmarnock,Paisley then the Kincardine Bridge takes us onto the side of Loch Lomond where the fun starts for real.
We are in Bunkhouse’s Friday and Saturday £20 each Sunday and Edinburgh is a bit more expensive at £27 a head in twin rooms as last year.
Towels are available to hire for the first 2 nights and provided on the 3rd.
I hope that this meets with your approval.
Best regards Bif

sounds good to me, approximatly what time will we be meeting at carlisles finest foodery “mackdonalds” ;D

P.S… was just looking at the beautifull senset this evening when i saw smoke signals coming from the ridge above swindon, apparantly martin “pocahontas” marmite, thinks there is a wedding looming around the end of august and needs to know if hulme end will be going ahead as normal so he can secure his “get out of jail card”
So im going to post hulme end dates up on another thread to gauge interest, and give plenty of time to anyone else who needs to arrange there own “get out of jail cards”

If everyone was at the aforementioned eatery for 12 noon it would give plenty time for a comfort break and for Johnboy to top up his caffeine level
Regards Bif

hi chaps,

can we make the meeting point the macdonalds at Grearshill road, CA30ET… its on the north side of carlisle, so closer to scotland ;D

That’s the one Pete,we had coffee there last year
Regards Bif

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D The route sounds AWSOME Bif. Obviously I will be shooting off the sunday but looking forward to it.

Hi Pete am almost set for the Scottish trip mate, what time would you like to meet at squires mate, let me know young man