Scratcher R.I.P

Hi, I don’t know if your guys are aware that Scratcher had been told he had Cancer in Dec 2010.[:(] This is just to let you know he finally got beat by it on the 8th July 2011.[:(][:(][:(]
His funeral is to be held at Epping Forest Burial Park, Kiln Rd, North Weald, Essex. On Fri 29th at 1pm.
All welcome, Family flowers only, Not all black attire bit of red!![:p]
Scratcher choose 3 Charities which he would like donations to be collected on the day, these are; St. Clares Hospice, Help the Heros and Essex Air Ambulance. [:D]
Any queries plz call 07859940338.
Many Thanks

Lisa Drew ( Wife)

I recieved a txt from Chris’s phone last week informing me of the funeral details and was very saddened by the news.I bought some VF silencers off of him last year and met him at his house.Had a tour of the Workshop in the garden and he was a top guy.He used to send me links to anything VF he thought might be of interest that he came across and ring me to see how i got on.
A really genuine decent man and i was glad to have met him.
R.I.P Chris

I am so sorry for your loss and do appreciate you taking the time to let those of us who knew “scratcher” through this forum know about the funeral. My thoughts will be with you and your family on Friday.


Very sad news, I will certainly miss chatting to Scratcher about all things VF.
My thoughts are also with you and your family.


very sorry to hear this news
I hope he is riding on a huge open highway on his vf1000 right now with no speed limits and police to pull him over for ever.

regards Lloyd

I too am very sad at Scratcher’s loss. Although I only spoke to him a few times he seemed a real gent. My sincere condolences.


Condolences to family a sad loss i know what your going thro as i lost my wife of 42 years 2 years ago to this horrible disease another
VF er gone to great highway in the sky.