Scratchers VF1000

Hi guys and girls
Just found Chris’s profile on here and I am the one rebuiling his bike for his widow bit like doing a jigsaw without the box to know where all the bits go.
He spent a fortune on new parts but unfortunately past away before he had a chance to put any of it together so I have started the task for him with everything in boxes to the last nut and bolt got most of it together engine wise now takling the from etc.
I might need help at times to find where bits go so is there anyone in the Essex area whose bike I could look at to see where all the bits go.
I live in Stanford-le-hope which is on the A13 7miles from the M25 jcn 30

Good one, I’m junction 4 on the M25 and have a VF1000 FE if it helps.

If you like I can send photos of things