Searching for Custom Bike Manufacturer

Hello to everybody,

I’m new to the forum and I have a question.

I am traveling to the UK this year and would like to visit a custom bike builder and see his showroom.

Can someone give me a tip, whether England, Wales or Scotland?

Thanks for that in advance
NK 24


you made it to come here :wink: I hope one of our UK member has some hints for you. Do you come by car or use the VFR?


Hello Faxe,
hello all

in 2023 my wife and I will visit UK and Irland from May to July with our camper.
My VFR (RC46-1 from 2001) unfortunately must stay at home.

Beside all the beautiful spots the actual plan is to visit the Jaguar Museum, and I hope it will
be as breath taking the Panini Maserati in Modena and the Ducati Museum in Bologna

Here the links to the museums:

NK 24