Seasons greetings and hello

Good morning, I joined the forum earlier this year but have been moving my collection from overseas and settling back in my house in the UK. I have a nice collection of mainly Honda’s a couple of CB1100RC’s CBX1000 Z models and more modern classics including an SP2 and SC28 Fireblade.

I have a VF1000RE in my project restoration collection which I hope to get underway next year. I did get it running after carb rebuilds. It was blowing blue smoke and possible low oil pressure as oil light came on when very hot at low idle (but no knocking or rumbling).

I just wondered what spares are still available in the OEM and second hand parts market, for example if the crank has run what are the options for second hand cranks and new bearings. I believe I can get pattern rings from cruzinimage on ebay. I can rebuild the Honda CB1100 motors and CBX motors and know all the short comings, what are the shortcomings of the VF1000R

Finally it is missing indicators and rear seat cowl, can these be sourced easily?
In the mean time I hope everyone has a great christmas break!

Hi , I have only recently joined as I am helping a friend who has recently bought a VF1000F, and stripped the Engine and just going through it
I also have 2 CB1100RC’s which i have fully rebuilt one and rebuilt the engine in the other, along with a frame re paint
The CB1100R’s are a reasonably simple engine to rebuild and is good there are now available good quality upgraded cam chain tensioners available
You mentioned Cruzinimage piston rings, one of my RC’s has Cruzin rings in , seems wrong to fit a set of £26 piston rings in a £10k bike but they have done over 3000 miles so far and all is good, I have also used their piston kits in other DOHC Honda engines with no problems
I know SEP in Kegworth do repair Honda cranks but probably my first choice would be a good used one should yours be damaged

Welcome back Longclose,
There are still nos parts out there,usually not the parts you need tho.
Secondhand parts are in the main overpriced but a few breakers in the U.K. Have parts for sale.
I wouldn’t panic about your crank,these engines are only producing a few pounds of oil pressure at tickover at the best of times worse when really hot,so not unusual to see the light flick on.
If the bike has been sitting a while before starting the blue smoke is also understandable,gummed oil control rings can cause this.
But you obviously know your way around engines,I found my CBX-Z a joy to work on,not complicated particularly just a lot of it so the V4 should be a doddle.
Indicators are available,good pattern ones a plenty,as for the seat cowl they come up second hand now and again but are pricey.
The US is a good source for RF/G parts but they didn’t get the RE so top end engine parts,fairing and bracket differ between the models.
Germany and Holland have been good for these parts.
I would like to see these upgraded camchain tensioners tho,they are a new thing to me.
Best regards Bif

Hello bif

Just editied my post to show the upgraded tensioners are for the CB engines, another good part to use are Viton valve stem seals which stop alot of smoking problems, I buy mine from the USA and the CB ones also fit the VF engines