Seized Front Axle

My front axle nut is seized, the tyre is over 10 years old, and cannot budge it. Have had it on its side for over a week with a puddle of Plusgas in the end but still no joy. Have tried an electric heat gun but not a blow torch.

I want to change the tyre so would like to be able to get the axle out.

Any ideas anyone ?

Hi Bart,
I used to have a seized front axle on my fe. I ended up having to change it because the wheel bearings were starting to grumble… lots of heat from a blow lamp did the trick for me… Alternatively you could cut it off with a grinder and replace the axle… I’m pretty sure I have a spare one if you go down that route…

I had the same problem on project RRR,I ended up with the plain end in the vise(the spanner flats had rounded off)and a 22mm ring spanner on the other with a 30mm spanner hooked on for extra leverage.
It came off eventually
Regards Bif

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My flats are starting to round off too. Had two spanners inside two bits off scaffold tube but still no joy

Looks like I will try a blow lamp then but the bearings seem good so didn’t want to knacker them.

I also tried acetone and oil but so far no luck.

Haven’t given up yet but I can see another axle on the horizon…

What about making two flat pieces of tool steel (like gauge blocks) putting them into where the flats were and then putting into a big vice to hold that end tight.

I have a two front wheels with similar issues.

Yes, maybe another option.