Shafted by Hasting bike insurers

If any of you are also in the bikerchatforum you will be aware of how Hastings have been totally screwing bikers over . I wonder if there is generally apathy among bikers regarding being screwed by insurance companies or if there are enough who are prepared to actually make these companies accountable for their actions?

I think , Anyone and everyone who has been shafted by insurance companies really ought to complain right now en mass and pour some real publicity to the cons THEY ARE PULLING.

Any takers?

feel like ive been shafted every year when i renew, i was with hastings a few years back but changed when they sent renewel notice out which was about £80 dearer than previous year, when i told them not to renew my insurance they knocked £80 off, i still cancelled as in my view they was going to rob me but got caught,
These days i generally change insurers every year unless they offer insurance at same price as previous year, and then i still check to make sure they are being honest, there is no such thing as customer loyalty as far as they are concerned,

would be interested in hearing what tricks they are upto to avoid paying out

I get my insurance from
Car,Van,Bike,Liability etc
and get £10.00 worth of nectars to spend at Sainsburys for each one I buy 10000

last year bike was £65.00[:)]

How do you insure a bike for only 80 quid? Insurance in Australia is way more expensive than that!
If we are talking about the insurance that covers damage to our bikes, I doubt I could insure a bike for less than $500 per year!

I have mine insured with Shannons, $380.00 per year for agreed value of $8500, probably overkill but it cost me that much in parts/paint to rebuild the bike.
Bloody rego is the killer $130 for 3 months. What does it cost you guys in the UK/US?

hi tony, I pay about £120ish for the vf on a fully comp classic policy (valued at £1500,but will try agree a value a little higher next time)…
The ZZR is £120 fully comp too and valued at £2500…

our road tax is £76 for the year, not sure what that works out in aus dollars.

Well I recently registered my VF100FF in New South Wales and it cost me about $450 AUD which is around 300 pounds. If I lived another 50kms further north in the Australian Capital Territory, it would have been just short of $700

Pete, 76 pounds is around $50AUD

That’d be nice! I think 76 quid’s more like 115 Oz Dollars at the moment, which is still pretty good for anyone planning to travel from Oz to the Old Dart.

Oops, wrong way around, you’re dead right Hippo. $76 dollars is about 50 quid.

I paid £75 last year fully comp + breakdown insurance from Peter James. Actually went down 2 yrs ago. Due for renewal June, will let you know.

Yea, I use Peter James as well. Fortunately haven`t had to claim which is when you really find out if your insurance company are any good or not. [:I]


Thanks for that Just been quoted £78 for two F2F’s on the same policy with PJ … EPIC…

C’mon guys cut it out, you’re making me feel ill. Just the insurance component on my VF was over $300 for the minimum compulsory insurance so that I could register it. Then if I want insurance cover for the bike itself, that is another policy altogether.

You Poms have the cheap insurance but we got the Sunshine!

So there![:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

Unfortunately, especially these days insurance is a necessary evil.

After all these years, I’m still not sure why it’s us that have to pay extra for compulsory third party coverage and not the Camry Drivers & White Van Men that keep trying to run us over!

I have been a white van man for 25 years but I ride bikes too
with a 6th sense to stay alive.
I love my van and bike ,they work together one pays for the other.
and I will be in Kansas on Wednesday to ride Max into the sunset [8D]

I’m not a white van man but I’m a white ute man I do Courier work and I’l’ll be using the VF as a cheaper to run alternative to the diesel ute when I can. I have the sixth sense too LOL! :slight_smile:

I’m not a white van man but I’m a white ute man I do Courier work and I’l’ll be using the VF as a cheaper to run alternative to the diesel ute when I can. I have the sixth sense too LOL! :slight_smile:

Ooops! Double post…silly smart phone designed for little fingers and thumbs[:D]

All of our insurance is expensive here, especially in NSW[:(!]