She Passed!

Hiya all,

It’s me again - wibbling incoherently as usual! [:D]

Well - the Bol passed her MOT today and now has new tyres, new clutch cover and will, later next week, get a brand new set of brakes courtesy of David Silver …

Soo - I’m out enjoying that torquey engine againe afer a two and a half year break. Boy does she attract comments from bikers whould imagined all VFs were long since dead. Even the mechanic at Mike Wheeler Motorcycles in Witney (very, very highly recommended if you are anywhere near West Oxfordshire) was surprise at the condition - and especially the top end/cams which were excellent!!

Soo - thanks for all the inspiration - I owe you guys a beer… [:D][}:)][:D]

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Congrats on the MOT pass Iain! If you are still interested the Kelso BMF show is weekend of July 15th/16th with camping available from the 14th if you wanted to make a weekend of it and make good on the beers you owe us!!

Yeah the VF’s do turn heads, had an old boy spend 15 minutes taking pics of mine last weekend whilst I sat and ate my chips! It’s a shame they are not getting the recognition they deserve, there is a classic bike mag running a best classic bike feature for various price ranges, under a grand, under 2 grand etc. The VF doesn’t get a mention!!

You buying new brakes from Davey Silver??


Yep new fronts complete with mounts and the rear rebuilt with a second hand caliper and new seals/pistons. Fitted the rear today - what a transformation. These floating calipers can perform as well as I remember - as long as they’re in tip top condition (my old rear was seized on it’s pins - so ‘floating caliper’ was a bit of a misnomer in my case!)

Hopefully get the new fronts on in the next few weeks - although the ones on there are still pretty good.

MOT guy was surprised that I was happy to spend on new parts - but I figure that if I get the parts now (and rebuild the stuff I take off) she’ll be good for at least another 21 years!

Tyres have transformed the handling - but I may strip and rebuild the forks later this year.

Good to see some more ‘traffic’ on these boards! :o)


[8D]…nice one Iain…very inspirational and encouraging…

Let’s not worry about them not being recognised/popular…not our problem…we’ve got one …“they” haven’t[:D]. if they got very popular, spares would be as rare as rocking horse sheeeite…more so than they are now.

…and even tho I haven’t contributed…and I haven’t got near finishing my FE…if I come to Kelso on my Blackbird…will ya still by my beer??[:D]

This time tomorrow it’ll be yesterday


Thanks for the link to “The Ogilvy Collection” Nice bike, well presented… Looks like you deserve that beer - if you can still afford it…!


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