Shed Clearance

Hi Guys , I have finally realised that I am never going to get around to completing all the projects that I have accumulated over the years so I am clearing out my garage and amoungst other bikes I have 2 VF1000r’s.Both bikes are original UK spec bikes . First bike is a 1983 / 84 on a UK “A” reg plate , second bike is a 1984 / 85 bike on a UK " B" reg plate. I thought that I would post the bikes on here first to give you guy’s first shout at buying them other than that then they will be put on Ebay.
Both bikes are running but need work and have been parked up off the road for around the last 10 years plus , I can email more details and photos of the bikes and I am located in the South Wales area of the UK.
I would also prefer to sell both bikes as a pair.
I am looking for spares for a 1929 Douglas S6 twin that I have been slowly restoring for the last 20 years so on the off chance that any of you might have an engine or a pair of wheels sat in you kitchen for a Douglas then send me details :slight_smile:

Hi Phil how much and where in south wales, im just up past chepstow.[?]

Evening Phil sent mail.