She's alive.....hahahaha

After many months…nearly ready for MOT, only chain guard and mirrors to go.

Please don’t mention the chip in the rear mudguard :-X :-X

And one from the front…

And the rear…way hay

Or the missing Honda decal :-X :-X :-X :-X

Nice to see another one like my one in red but my one is in hibernation till summer :slight_smile: 8) 8)

So nice! :-*

Thats looking lovely. You’re going to enjoy it.

looking good evansive,

Ive got to say, red and black looks really well, i think its now my favorite vf colour combo. top job.

very nice indeed! mine als going to be red white and black but not sure yet if i will do the original colour scheme

Nice job

Now mot’ed and ready to go (No advisories), yippee!!

On to rebuild of the original engine, because the spare is not ideal…

Need the cams reprofiling, excessive wear probs means followers etc.

Any hints on somewhere that could do this or any s/h parts to cover?

Will check ebay.

Don’t really like doing that because the junk that you get is 9 times out of 10 worse than what you already have.

:’( :’(

SEP seem to have almost a monopoly on this kind of work.
It’s a path well traveled and documented on the forum by both vfpete and rodgerinleeds.
Regards Bif

There is some info in the thread that roger started in the shed section Camshaft restoration
there is also a bit of info in my “project ff/fe” thread in the gallery section… as bif says, i think SEP kegworth have pretty much got the cam grinding sown up in the uk, i dont know of anywhere else that does them,
Be warned though, although SEP are spot on with the quality of there work and i would recommend them to anyone, they do get very busy, and often at times they do live in a different time zone, if they tell you 3 weeks it could be double that,

I think the paintwork on your bike looks very good,is it new paint and would you recommend the painter?
Regards Bif

Yes Bif, the paint is new and it was done by ‘paint your ride’ in Richmond N Yorks. The job I would say is 8/10, but then again, I’m a perfectionist.

Typical omb, quotes six weeks, takes twelve, no probs for me that though.

The red is not the original candy, but a matched metallic, so has more luster and a less deep look. It looks well.

Did you provide the decals or did they source them or paint them on?
My daughter lives in Darlington so I would consider using them if the cost is reasonable and the quality of work good enough.You give them 8/10 what were you not happy with?
Regards Bif

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Cost was £750 the original decals were used for templates by masking and painting, the ones that were trash were done in the same manner. Plastics were repaired and welded as req.

Jobs a good one, a couple of very minor imperfections only noticed them when i was polishing for the second time; shows how much they stand out (only in the lacquer).

Yes I would defo recommend for the price and the finish (was quoted over a grand elsewhere).

Gonna get my 900r done there too.