Shock Replacement

Hi All,

I’ve got VF1000FF, and the Showa rear shock is seized. My understanding is they are not rebuildable, so I need to replace it. I’ve decided that the best thing to do is upgrade it to a modern shock rather than buy a used one. So what’s the best one to buy? I’m not expecting to take it to a track, or to another hemisphere, so what’s your opinions on the best bolt on replacement?

Hi @Deumayne13 , welcome to the Forum!
This has been a popular, and ongoing subject.
The shock is rebuildable, however most people replace rather than rebuild.If you search you’ll find numerous posts about peoples shock solutions and preferences. YSS and Hagon make shocks to suit, probably others also, but other shocks can be adapted to fit. What makes it a bit tricky is the total length of the shock, and clearance required to fit through the hole in the swingarm, compared to more modern type shocks.

I have YSS on a 86 VF1000R and 84 VF1000F. The application chart can’t always be trusted I found. I used the MZ456-405-TRL-04 on both as it was the longest for extra ride height, but they all have separate ride height adjust +/-5mm so I had the ability to go down to 400 if needed.

Love them, and a great value especially if you are already in Europe. Have them on 4 other bikes as well.

biketyresuk on eBay has great customer service and they are the store for Firefox Racing, which is the UK YSS R&D Center.


Mike. Im also interested in getting a new shock for my 86 vf1000ff. Having searched for biketyresuk, it tells me the MZ456-405-TRL-04 shock isnt suitable.

It’s partly why I said the application data can’t always be trusted, or what I want. They list the 400mm shock for the 1000R, and the 405 for the F. And I knew for sure my stock 1000R shock is longer than the stock F. That’s what got me started looking at the different configurations.

I spend a lot if time looking at different listings finding the ones that show the upper and lower mount widths to make sure that it’s compatible. An upper mount that is narrower is no prob, just a couple alloy shims to make the difference.

All I can say for sure is I put that shock on my 86 1000R and 84 1000F. Comes with the same spring rate, but is 5mm longer. Either shock is great, as you still have the ability to go 400 or 405 with either one. I just wanted max available ride height.

The FF standard shock is 410 from eye to eye,so the 405 +5mm will give the correct ride height and will fit.
biketyresuk has this shock listed for the F2F boldor on ebay.
worth hunting for “biollamotors-shop” on ebay as they are selling for a very competitive £208