SHOWA Rear Shock Query

Learned Gurus,

Potentially stupid question time…

Doing the levels and pressures check prior to riding it for the first time post refurb and import, on checking the rear shock air pressure there was a slight egress of oil from the valve.

Consulting the Gospel According to Honda, draining this unit is achieved by removing the air valve, inverting it and cycling the shock until it’s empty.

Now to the stupid question:

When installed, is it normal for oil to escape when pressure checking it? I don’t remember that being the case from previous ownership, but that was about 30 years ago, and I’ve been asleep since then.

Is the shock OK (yes, I know, it’s a Showa, but put that aside for a minute), or is it knackered?

Thanks, guys, and apologies for my ignorance.

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I’ve had the same happen in the past Chris,the amount lost was negligible and after setting the pressure it seemed to work(reasonably)well

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Thanks, Bill. I’ll stop mithering about it.

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I know you just want it to be right Chris,get out and ride it

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It’s more that I want it to be safe given the things I’ve found wrong with it after the eejit in Australia had his hands on it.

Assuming no rain tomorrow it will no longer be a British roads virgin.