Side Panel Grommets

Does anybody have any side panel grommets, Honda PN 83604MB6630?

I had two new ones that were supplied to the eejit that did the paint job, and he evidently lost them. The side panel is held on by a bolt, not the proper screw.


I’m also chasing a set. I was going to ask a member who has one to measure it and make a sketch and I’ll make a machining drawing or a model for 3D printing. They are a shouldered sleeve (kind of top hat shaped) made from plastic right?

Yes, they’re top hat section, made from hard plastic. I can supply the internal diameter and depth of the grommet measured from a brand new side panel screw if it would help in this process?

The major diameter of the crown and the thickness thereof would need to be measured from an existing one, though.

If you could get a few made, you’ll make a mint selling them. I’d be up for half a dozen or so!

83604MB6630 Collar

If someone can give A to F (don;t get too caught up on the radius) to one decimal (IE 10.2mm) as measured with a vernier caliper, I’ll make a drawing and see about getting some made.

PS - I’m based in Perth Australia.

Hi, Vanz,

I can give you two dims measured from a brand new side panel screw:

Dim A: 5mm

Dim D: 7.8mm

These screws should be a sliding fit into the grommet.


Yes Amazon has sets of them, part # ZW0429, $8.99, 4
12, 2 different sizes. their made from rubber, like the stock 1s.

Different grommets. The rubber ones go into the hole on the frame into which the locating spigot is pushed. The grommets under discussion are the top hat shaped ones that go under the side panel screws on the FF and F2.

Good to know that the rubber ones are available. Thanks for posting.