Silly daft question....

Do you need a chain guard to pass MOT?? :-\ :-\ :-\


It depend on the MOT tester
I had this argument with a mate and his gsxr 750 passed without
I prefer to have one on so if the chain breaks there goes your bum and leg :o :frowning: ::slight_smile:

this actually cropped up in a conversation i had with the mot tester at my local bike shop, according to him, its not specifically covered in the mot, if you have a chain guard on it must be in working order and fit for purpose, but its not a fail if you dont have one on at all… however, IT IS ILLEGAL to ride a motorcycle on the road without a chain guard fitted. :o :o, apparently its an anomaly in the law.
That said though, i agree with roger and windy and think its best to have one on, stops all that chain lube flying all over, and reduces the risk of officer Dibble adding you and your bike to the local crime figures.

Mind made up, chain guard to be fitted, but need to source a stainless one coz the plaggy one looks crap… 8) 8)

A bike minus a chain guard will pass an MOT but it will get an advisory to fit one. As stated it is an anomaly with the rues/laws etc. However should you require the use of your ankles and lower legs during your lifespan and also do not fancy being flung into the local flora and fauna by an errant chain flailing around where it was not designed to it is a good idea to fit one. Even the plastic original ones are to be preferred over nothing. Making your own from aluminium sheet or machining one from solid is so much better. :wink: