Slipping clutch

Would anyone know where to get the special tool bit/thingy to remove the clutch plates please

hi john, i’m not sure how readily available the clutch spanner is, i know a few people on here have made there own, here’s one i made out of a 32mm socket, with the aid of a angle grinder it took me about 20mins to make.
would be nice to know If they are available, or one from a different bike will fit.

just seen this on ebay, does anyone know if this fits the vf1000


looks like the right one and made in the UK :slight_smile:

just bought it off ebay will let you know if it fits
thanks all JP :slight_smile:

Pete, that would look right at home among my collection of home made “special tools”!

They are not hard to make but i cant find mine among the crap in my shed. :-[ :’(

yes tony, a tool kit is not complete without a few home made or improvised tools…

Just a quick thought, make sure it doesn’t have oil with friction additives, they will absolutely make a clutch slip even if it is not worn.

mmmm, took the liberty of ordering one of the clutch nut sockets myself… ive tried it on a spare nut i had and it fits perfectly, and looks like it will fit through the clutch centre ok… i think john will prob be the first person to try it for real, keep us posted if its a fit or not john…


so to quote myself “a tool kit is not complete without a few home made or improvised tools… :D”
now im thinking its nice to have the right tool for the job :wink:

Perfect fit,clutch is now much faster than me so is for sale!!old age etc