Slow to start when warm

Hi my vf starts no problem when cold but after a run it seems as if the battery is low and the engine struggle to turn over to start.
I have been told its probably a lazy starter motor.
I have 2 questions.
Does anyone know where to get my starter reconditioned and how easy is it to get the starter off.

I had the same problem on my 86 vf1000f. I changed the battery so now everyting is ok :slight_smile: take it for å spinn and messure the volt. It should be over 12v after å 10 min run.

Think Wemoto are doing new carbon brushes now or you can get a repair kit on e bay USA

Andrew. I’ve had the same problem over the years and having just got the bike back on the road after a 2+ year lay up decided I would give the starter a service myself. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to go for a run yet, so can’t say if the problem is cured, but once apart it was obvious that it was needing a clean up as it was full of carbon dust and grime, and the commutator needed skimming to get back to clean copper. Luckily the coils and insulation are stillin good nick
Taking it off is easy - Disconnect battery - Remove belly pan - take starter cable off starter motor and it’s important that the bolt does not turn. Best to use a thin 10mm spanner on the lower nut to make sure - Undo 2 x 8mm head bolts that hold stater to crankcase. Wiggle and lever starter away (towards oil filter) from where it seats. It’s just pushed in with a seal.
Sorry, but I don’t know of anywhere specific that does Honda starters, but I would imagine if all it needs is a standard service with new brushes, any competent auto electrical engineers would do it.

Andrew, I’ve just been for a ride and the rebuild of the starter seems to have improved the hot starting a lot. There is still a very slight hesitation, then it turns over and fires up straight away, which is just like when it’s cold. I did this after leaving it to cool for 5 minutes, which was always the worst case. I’ve got an old cheapo battery that could probably could do with replacing, but never the less, it’s certainly better having serviced the starter.

I reconditioned one of my starters last winter, buying a set from caltric and did the job but the result was just average as the commutator was too far gone…So I decided to buy a new starter from them for 102€ inc delivery.

Andrew, as you can tell, this is a common issue with the vf1000`s and indeed mine was the same when I first got it. I was lucky because it responded well to a simple clean and brush up so now it works well from cold and when hot. Try that first before splashing out on new brushes etc although you might have to in time.


I had the same problem restarting the engine when hot, the starter would struggle to turn the engine over, a clean up of the commutator and a new starter kit sorted it. I kept my old brushes because as Marmite says, I could have simply re-used them without the buying the kit.

I’ve got starter off and bushes completely worn, so getting a kit and getting it reconditioned and hopefully will do the trick. Thanks for all your replies.

Hi, starter cleaned and new brushes fitted from and so far seems fine. Not had big run yet but after quick 20 mins to warm up starter was working fine.