Sluggish turning over

Good afternoon, learned members.

I’ve just started my FF for the first time in three weeks.

It was sluggish on the starter, but turned over well enough to start it. I let it run until it was warm, with the temperature gauge half scale deflection.

I then shut it down for two minutes while I looked for leaks (fortunately leak free).

When trying to restart it after that two minute wait to ride it back into the garage, it wouldn’t turn over at all, with all the symptoms of a dead battery, except that when I tried all of the electrical demands they were fine.

It’s a new battery fitted five months ago (though not been charged by an external charger since installation).

Is this non - cranking when it was warm just a flatish battery, or something more sinister to do with the engine being warm? I would have thought that idling it for half an hour with all electrical services except the ignition and fuel pump switched off should have replenished the battery sufficiently that a restart wouldn’t be a problem.

Any thoughts?

Edit: After waiting an hour, the engine turned over easily on the starter, and it started first push.

So is there something getting tight when the engine’s warmed up?

Hi there, starter motors can do this. The windings breakdown when hot and the motor fails. If you do a search on the site there are loads of posts on the problem to help you. Usually the best bet is to replace it with an after market one. Hope this helps.


Thanks, Gary.

Any recommendations for a replacement starter?

Hi Chris,
You need a starter for a vf750f, it’s a good fit, I have them on all my vf’s, as do many others with no issues.

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I got mine off Ebay from a shop called brooksbarnparts for £55 as Pete said it’s for a vf750 f it was made by arrowhead.


The RC24 (VFR750F) is another great 4 brush option.
Left 1000 - Middle VF750 - Right VFR750
I have them in three 1000s now.


Thanks, all.

VF750F starter would seem to be the way to go.

Duly ordered.

Hi new member fitted a vf750 starter 2 brush
Motor on my 1000re it has broken teeth off the starter reduction gear have measured the outside diameter of the starter splined shaft it is 2 mill smaller than the standard one and the shaft is shorter and the profile of the teeth is different
Has anybody had this problem

Hi tom, the vf750f has the same amount of teeth as the standard vf1000 starter, the only difference like you say is the shaft is a couple of millimeters shorter, this has never caused me any issues, I have them fitted to 5 vf1000’s

On another point, for anyone thinking of the vfr750 starter, as mentioned by captain 80’s earlier, dont confuse the vfr750 ( rc24) with the vfr750 (rc36) starter as the later has a different number of teeth, I experimented with one years back, it seemed to work well for a while, but I kept finding swarf on the magnetic sump plug, then eventually it it broke teeth off the starter reduction gear.

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Thanks pete just counted the teeth on the starter motor that trashed the starter gear it has 9 the standard one has 10 wish i had checked this before i fitted it