Smoking exhaust

I got my bitch running!!

After some years of standing around, I gave the engine an oilchange, removed and ultrasonic-cleaned the carbs and gave it some new sparkplugs.

I put some grease on the intake-rubbers and the carbs to refit them. Now I’m wondering if the smoke you see in the video results from the grease, or from condensed water or whatever? I did’t dare to run it longer than 30secs with respect to my neighbors.
Do you have an idea? I totally hope it has nothing to do with the piston rings or valve shafts. I think would burn the bike!!!

After years of standing it could be sticky piston rings, or hardened valve stem seals, mine was worse than that,after standing for some time, however I just ran it for a while and it’s much better

Doesn’t look too bad Hans. As Wdavie said, a good run would most likely clear it up, sometimes if I use too much choke mine will smoke a little, just use the choke only as much as you need.

It seems to crank and fire really well, I wish mine started that well!

Are you able to give it a ten minute run on the road?

Nothing that a good steady 20k run would sort out.
One thing you should do is drop the sump and clean the oil pump gauze
after i read vf petes post i took my sump off and it was partially block with all sorts of crap and i do not think the engine had ever been stripped

most of that could be down to spent fuel in the exhaust system from trying and failing to start the engine. the grease from the carb rubbers will cause a little smoke first time you start it…

as everyone else has said, Best advice is to go for a run on the bike and get it thoroughly warmed up,

and probably the best advice for any vf owner on purchasing a new bike is as vfntv says, clean the oil filter pick up strainer out, ive rebuilt both my original and my spare engine this year, i use gasket seal very very very very…very sparingly but can still find plenty in the strainer after the initial running in period.

Thanks for the good words. Unfortunately I don’t have a chance to take it on a ride by now, because in germany it is impossible to ride without a registration. I’ll see what I can do.

Do I have to remove the exhaust to drop the oilsump? Sounds like a lot of work again…

Can you buy a temporary permit?

A temporary permit would be 70€. A bit too much I’d say. I think I’m better of cleaning the oilsump out and nail it together roughly and the try to get a permanent registration. The thong is, that in germany you need a temporary permit to drive to the check up station, where you get your permit. You get back the 70€ for the temporary permit if you pass and then get a permanent registration. The temporary registration ist for 5 days only, so you have to be pretty sure it works out. :slight_smile:

Anyway: Yer I want to clean out the oilsump and the nozzel. Is it a hard piece to remove the exhaust? Do I really have to remove the mufflers? Or is it possible to sinken the hole system to the ground and the remove the oilpan and afterwards reattach the exhaust system? Would be much easier I think…

you will need to remove the exhaust to remove the oilsump, i think it will be more difficult to remove and re-fit the exhaust with the mufflers still attached…
If i were you i would deal with the smoke first,if you can’t take the bike for a run, warm it up on a fast tick over 2000/2500 revs, use as little choke as possible. be carefull not to overheat it as these bike do warm up fast when standing