Smooth Running FF

I was out on the FF the other day and was reminded that she seems to be running more “lumpy” than I would have expected. I know this can be caused by non-balanced carbs but Im reasonably sure theyre close if not spot on. The engine pulls and goes nicely but any ideas what else I should check to get that famous “turbine smooth surge” I,m lacking or is that a bit of a myth ?

you and me both martin, i thought my engine was smooth untill i heard phils (its like butter)… (mine sort of grumbles as if its complaining about me all the time lol) have a new K&N air filter on its way and will be ballancing the carbs when thats fitted, i think the baffles in my tail pipes are breaking up which probably wont help…

Thanks Pete, I`ll also check the engine mounting bolts etc