So I found out where the water was coming from

main rad needs re coring
know anyone thats re cores radiators?

wow, and i thought mine looked bad on the outside .

hi windy,

wakefield radiators did a few for me a few years ago, think they were about £120 each, i dont know if they do mail order/postage though.

cheers i will give them a call monday
will see if they can do both to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

went to marson radiators
after quoting £175 for the copper big one and £195 for the little one ::slight_smile:
I left the big one to be recored at marstons but took the little alluminium to someone
else and desided it will be recored not in aluminium but in copper for £175.
£350 total including VAT :o
good job I made enough money to cover this work
hope thats the end of it all not much left to do :slight_smile:

Well after taking them to express radiators in norwich they ended up at P & M Radiators in Marshan out on the cromer road .very long complex story indeed :slight_smile:
Mike converted the little alloy one to brass and did the big one for £150
Now there sitting in my garage ready to fit but waiting for a good weather day soon.
I checked the tappets which needed doing real bad and gaped the plugs and new coolent
,the expensive long life red stuff and after i get her running i am giving her a filter and oil change

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