So what's the most sought after VFR?

Which year is the bad ass of the bunch.

If you have a pocket full of cash burning a hole,go for the RG,European and U.K. Spec-fitted with an oil cooler as std-the last and I dare to say the prettiest of the bunch.
Values in the £6750-unaffordable bracket
Regards Bif

That does look amazing, Bif. Sadly it’s accompanies with such a steep price. I thought they were under 6k pounds honestly, and I thought that was a lot too.

There has been an RG on Ebay UK for ages. It’s in a dealers in West Yorkshire. I have seen the price fall to its current GBP5995. It looks in really good nick. If I lived in the UK I would have had a really good look at it but with 4 bikes already, I feel relieved I don’t at the moment…

From my Point of view it’s the VFR750R (RC30)

I think we interpreted it as meaning which VF1000R :slight_smile:

I believe that the bike you are thinking of is a cat c & the pervious owner then took the bike & made a VF that was his ideal bike &n yes it is lovely