Solo seat conversion

getting there, still some parts to make.

looking good phil, the seat looks like it has more padding in than the original vf seat had… which ain’t a bad thing :o

It does have a little extra, its there to avoid getting a square arse after so many miles ::slight_smile:

Hi philjo have you still got the lower fairings if so i will be ordering one in a couple of weeks and that rear tailpiece is looking really nice is that a one off or will there be others

Hi Phil, will that tail piece be able to fit ( or have mods to fit ) the FF rear end ? I appreciate the rear light would need to be changed by the buyer.


When I’v finished the rear seat unit and I’m happy with how it fits, then i can make them available, I’m guessing around three to four weeks because overtime has kicked in at work so i’ll be restricted on time. I’m still working on the cowling support which will double up as a toolbox/storage area, I have the pattern ready, I’m hoping to start moulding it sometime this week.
Martin, the support is a moulded fit to the frame and will bolt down where the 8mm thread mounts are for the handrail bolts, I believe the crossmember on the FF frame is higher than the FE, so it should (hopefully) only need the area cutting out where the crossmember sits, then fibreglassing back in if necessary, if I get chance sometime I’d like to try it on an FF, I’m also considering doing a little conversion to it for the VF750.

btw Paul, I can put a lower fairing together at any time.

cheers phil will contact you soon

Looks fantastic Phil,the extra padding should give your bum about the same range as the tank
Regards Bif

Thanks for that reply Phil.