Some advice regarding the Rothmans edition

Hi all,

desperately need your help & guidance.

As a VF1000R newbie i’m currently looking at two options to fullfill my dream and get me a Rothmans edtiion version of the bike.

Currently there are two for sale just a 1:30h ride away from my home.

As they are just a 15mins away from each other i will look at both in the upcoming days.

Regarding the photos they both look in super condition. Main differences that are obvious so far:

a) this one has the front twin light (that i like much better) and already 70.000km. Has a golden steering (i don’t now the exact english term) but you can see what i mean right here: (it is not the bike i will look at. :wink: )

b) this one hast the one front light and just 35.000km (costing 10% more then a) but coming from an official dealer). And it has not a golden steering (is this possible with a original Rothmans edition?)

So my questions:

  • Would u consider 70km as “too much”.
  • As the camshaft is considered to be a potential troublesome part of the bike. How would you make a judgement if it is fine. What do you look out for. Any specific noises to look for? Any optical things that help to make a conclusion?
  • Are there any further specific VF1000R things to look at besides the typical stuff you look for when u are shopping an oldtimer bike?

Thanks a mil in advance!


I have an FF, '85 vintage with 86,000 km on the clock.

The cams are fine on it.

That said it has a full service history and has had regular servicing from new.

Do either of these bikes have a FSH?

If there was going to be an inherent oil feed related issue with the cams, it would have manifested itself by now. The only way you’ll know for sure, though, is to remove the cam covers and physically eyeball them.

Hope this helps.

Digging in older threads …

I checked out: - This should be your Option B :wink:

Single Headlight ist possibble for Rothmans (Swiss, Italian, …) but …

Stickers are NOT original. They have slightly different shape -> complete paint job
Top bridge (they use it in owners manual, maybe slang can be different) has removed the golden paint. This is possible. Rothmans has golden paint.
Chain guard has been painted (horrible)
Exhaust is 4 into 1 and not original (check for TÜV). The orignal is very hard to find.

Lots of marketing blabla but this is a bike I will never buy.

Speziell für dich: Lass die Finger von der. Das ist nen Blender. Und ich hätte kein Vertrauen zu einem Händler der sowas mit Wertsteigerungspotential anbietet. Und mal überlegen warum die immer noch nicht verkauft ist.

Axel (the one with an original Rothmans)