Some more Vf1000 parts for sale

Few more bits… all cheap, just ask if you want anything

  • Brake and master cylinders and levers.
  • Clockset, reads 28,000
  • Set of period 40mm telefix adjustable clip ons. Some surface rust to the handlebars but would refinish, nice items
  • calipers front and rear.
    20200204_232950 20200204_232919 20200204_232832 20200204_232815 20200204_232757 !20200204_232732

Are your front caliper still available?

Sorry they are sold.

I mainly have left:
-Full set of plastics/bodywork
-Set of carbs
-Suspension linkages
-Wiring loom and brackets
-rear sprocket and hub
-clutch hose
-Fork air balance pipe

what color plastics are they? Where are you located?


Sorry calipers sold a while ago. Plastics are per the picture below…I’m in Bucks UK

20200616_203240 20200616_203230 20200616_203224 20200616_203216

Hello Voycie
Is your rear cowl and bottom cowl still available?

Sorry all the parts are now sold