Some pics of my V65 yesterday

I took some pics of my V65 sabre at Grignols Castel which used to be an English stronghold during the 100 years war:


By the way, my V65 S name is Sally (just like in the Country song “Sally was a good old girl”) but yesterday I missed to take the picture “When Marmite met Sally”.
But after our meeting in Bordeaux, Sally didn’t behave as a good girl should, she let me down twice with a starter failure…

Here is the Country song…

so Sally was-ant a good old girl after all :’(

Yes, I can confirm Sally did all I asked of her ( with permission from Fred of course) and she “went” very well. As Fred says the engine on these are their strongpoint and it was great to try yet another type of V4 Honda - many thanks Fred. I hope you get that VF1000R you were talking about because if you don’t I will certainly rush over there and get it myself for that price and condition !!

BTW - if you haven’t done north Spain for a holiday ( biking or otherwise ) then you absolutely must. The prices for everything are half that of France and in that part of Spain it is mountainous, green and fabulous with twisty bends for miles and miles and that’s not even starting to talk about the beaches. Take the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander ( 22 hrs ) and start right there refreshed and ready. As you can tell I’ve just come back but sadly not on a VF - an NC750 which is still a good bike none the less.

Sally has got a brand new starter motor from Caltric and a new regulator/rectifier … She’s a delight to ride and yesterday I got 48mpg !

One of these on ebay currently…Now, if i could get rid my 2nd VF1000 i’d go for it.
i’ve the magna variant already and it’s an epic machine. Absolutely love it.